• Commissar Abhul Bin Zayek

    Commissar Abhul Bin Zayek

    Steadfast and stubborn, Abhul is a seasoned veteran of many years and frequent campaigns. But none could have prepared him for what awaits on Eleusis...
  • Sergeant Roderick Bane

    Sergeant Roderick Bane

    A determined and surprisingly optimistic leader, Bane now grapples with the reality of what has come to Eleusis and to his regiment.
  • Tech-Priest Milli Varis

    Tech-Priest Milli Varis

    A novice enginseer given a singular opportunity in joining Omega Flight Zephyr, now fears she may lose all she has held dear.
  • Beastmaster Dar

    Beastmaster Dar

    Dar is an expert with handling almost any manner of beast the galaxy can come up with, though even he can occasionally find himself stymied by a creature that doesn't respond to violence.
  • Belaphius "Bel" Belasco

    Belaphius "Bel" Belasco

    Proud and arrogant, Bel is a Storm Trooper as committed to seeing Omega Flight Zephyr censured as he is slaying the enemies of the Emperor.
  • Cheg


    Cheg is a rare two-weapon specialist among Ogryn shock troops, a highly effective combatant - if he can be pointed in the right direction.
  • Colonel David Leskin

    Colonel David Leskin

    The newly commissioned radical leader of the Eleusian regiments, the direct superior of Omega Flight Zephyr.
  • Commissar Dick Bakvar

    Commissar Dick Bakvar

    Dick is a young Commissar whose discipline has lapsed to cause him into making worrisome decisions. Can he be brought in line before he brings irreversable dishonor to the Commissariat?
  • Corporal Roxana Wynd

    Corporal Roxana Wynd

    Roxana has a fickle temper and a chip on her shoulder the size of an Imperator-class Titan. But when it comes to sifting through the rumor mill, there's no better source on Eleusis.
  • Culinary Specialist Marcus Verdis

    Culinary Specialist Marcus Verdis

    Belying his prickly countenance, Marcus directs the Mess Hall of Nevara 61 with precision, alacrity, and, though he'd never admit it, a little bit of love in every dish.
  • Harleen Davisen

    Harleen Davisen

    Taciturn but quick to action, Harleen is integral to keeping her team functioning when tensions rise.
  • Inquisitor Lionseye

    Inquisitor Lionseye

    Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos, Lionseye is distinguished by her competence, ruthlessness, and an uncannily vexatious presence.
  • Johnny


  • Johnny 2

    Johnny 2

  • Johnny 3

    Johnny 3

  • Johnny 4

    Johnny 4

  • Judge Albatross

    Judge Albatross

    Albatross was a grizzled and accomplished Judge of the Adeptus Arbites, who for the first time found himself in over his head when confronted with heretics of unthinkable power.
  • Krassis


    Plague Marine improbably killed in action by the heroic efforts of Omega Flight Zephyr.
  • Lady Commissar Iyas Saxon

    Lady Commissar Iyas Saxon

    The undisputed final authority at Base Nevara 61.
  • Leandra


    Leandra is Dariel's sister - the sole surviving family member he has in the aftermath of Drusus Prime's destruction.
  • Magos Genyo

    Magos Genyo

    The technological specialist assigned to Omega Flight Zephyr to facilitate the retrieval of the Nexus Spire's research data.
  • Medea Lenacri

    Medea Lenacri

    A renegade psyker of Nurgle, Medea was killed in action by Omega Flight Zephyr.
  • Medic Tom Taggart

    Medic Tom Taggart

    Falling prey to greed, Taggart now uses his position to undermine the integrity of the Imperial Guard.
  • Operator Dariel

    Operator Dariel

    Having lost two limbs as well as his home to the Tyranid scourge, Dariel aches to take the fight to them with his operational expertise.
  • Priest Octavio Yerk

    Priest Octavio Yerk

    While devout and well-meaning, Octavio's bad habit of skating by with the Imperial Creed threatens to bring ruin on more than just himself...
  • Private Doogie

    Private Doogie

    Dariel's wise-cracking ace co-pilot, Doogie is stalwart and dependable.
  • Private First Class Tristan

    Private First Class Tristan

    Bane's primary cohort, lazy by the standards of the Imperial Guard but a loose cannon when roused.
  • Sister Tanya Kaer

    Sister Tanya Kaer

    Tanya belongs to the Order Hospitaller of the Adepta Sororitas, a talented physician whose ardor for the Emperor wants for nothing despite her more passive calling.
  • Subject Y-61629.JS

    Subject Y-61629.JS

    A xenos experiment that caused a few problems for Omega Flight Zephyr in the Nexus Spire.
  • Tarran Brace

    Tarran Brace

  • The Seer

    The Seer

    A psyker with a talented, if unpredictable knack for divination. And to think he was one day from retirement...
  • Uzoma Calliope

    Uzoma Calliope

    The enigmatic leader of the hostage crisis on the Benedin IV train convoy.