Uzoma Calliope

The enigmatic leader of the hostage crisis on the Benedin IV train convoy.


A raven-haired woman who somehow infiltrated the Benedin IV train convoy undetected. “Cali”, as she is known to her allies, seems to eschew heavy gear and weaponry in favor of reliance on her own remarkable athletic prowess. The right side of her face is now speckled with bolter-grade diamantine and she is missing the fingers on her right hand, both injuries courtesy of Commissar Abhul Bin Zayek.


Leading a commandeering of the Benedin IV convoy that Omega Flight Zephyr was stationed aboard, Uzoma Calliope took many of its passengers hostage, chief among them Colonel David Leskin. Her ultimate objective was the parcel taken from the Nexus Spire by Omega Flight Zephyr, but she was thwarted thanks to the squad’s timely intervention.

Escaped after blowing up the convoy’s train engine.

Uzoma Calliope

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