Subject Y-61629.JS

A xenos experiment that caused a few problems for Omega Flight Zephyr in the Nexus Spire.


Part shimmering serpentine and part iridescent insectile in outline, Subject Y-61629.JS was an utterly alien nightmare made flesh.


Threat Rating: Xenos Terminus

According to the fractured data logs recovered from the Nexus Spire, Subject Y-61629.JS was a superficially unremarkable creature recovered from a planet named Dross. Originally classified Xenos Minimus, it proved especially receptive to [FILE NOT FOUND] methods of stimulation, ultimately causing it to mutate into the highly lethal organism found by Omega Flight Zephyr. Further information relating to the subject’s experimental purpose could not be recovered.

Subject Y-61629.JS was a bioweapon possessing strength and speed comparable to the best of any Tyranid, that also possessed a ludicrously robust physiology and rate of regeneration correlated with its carapace’s shimmering. A small, dull section of the underbelly seemed to fuel this dazzling healing factor; crippling it ultimately halted Subject Y-61629.JS’s regeneration enough to ensure its termination.

Subject Y-61629.JS

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