Sister Tanya Kaer

Tanya belongs to the Order Hospitaller of the Adepta Sororitas, a talented physician whose ardor for the Emperor wants for nothing despite her more passive calling.


Sister Tanya traditionally wears an intricate readout lens over her right eye to assist her in her work. Below her left eye is the instantly recognizable fleur de lis, the tattoo an unusual sanguine red. Though each of her fingers wears a medical tool to create the intimidating impression of a spindly claw, she radiates a gentleness that is practically inimical to life in the Imperial Guard.


Tanya Kaer is the head physician of Nevara 61’s Medicium. She maintains a casual, even breezy tone with her patients, but this is a deceit to put others at ease. Sister Tanya is well used to dreadful triage, and is clear-eyed and unblinkingly decisive as a result.

Sister Tanya Kaer

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