Sergeant Roderick Bane

A determined and surprisingly optimistic leader, Bane now grapples with the reality of what has come to Eleusis and to his regiment.


Sergeant Bane is a man of moderate stature, at just over six feet, with a thick build covered by his flak vest and standard issue guardsman gear. His face is rough, worn from combat, and his pale blue eyes stare forward with a determined glean, while his dark brown hair is cut short in a typical military fashion. He maintains a rigid stance in all he does, with his head held up despite what he has been through, knowing he has to set an example for his regiment.

Wounds: 3/15
Fate Points: 1/1
Total AP/TB: Flak Vest (Body AP 3) TB 3

Weapon Skill 25
Ballistic Skill 51
Strength 35
Toughness 32
Agility 44
Intelligence 27
Perception 41
Willpower 34
Fellowship 47

Insanity: 5 – Stable
Corruption: 1 – Tainted

Movement: 4/8/12/24

Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Awareness +10, Charm, Command +10, Common Lore (Imperium, Imperial Creed), Dodge +10, Forbidden Lore (Tyranids), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Navigate (Surface), Operate (Surface) +10, Parry, Scrutiny, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Tech-Use

Talents: Hatred (Tyranids, Mutants), Resistance (Fear), Berserk Charge, Hotshot Pilot, Iron Discipline, Storm of Iron, Push the Limit, Lasgun Expertise, Lasgun Volley, Quick Draw, Rapid Reaction, ’Nid Hunter, Vox-Tech, Get Them!, Veteran Comrade, Weapon Training (Chain, Low-Tech, Las)

Bring Down the Sky: Bane gains a +10 bonus to hit aerial creatures or vehicles.

Blessed Ignorance: Bane takes a -5 penalty on all Forbidden Lore (Int) tests.

Disgracer: Bane suffers a -20 penalty on all Logistics and Interaction tests with others familiar with his regiment.

Inventory: • One uniform • One set of poor weather gear • One M36 lasgun and two charge packs • One laspistol and two charge packs • One knife • One flak vest • One rucksack or sling bag • One set of basic tools • One mess kit and one water canteen • One blanket and one sleep bag • One rechargeable lamp pack • One grooming kit • One set of cognomen tags or equivalent identification • One primer or instructional handbook • Combat sustenance rations, two weeks’ supply • One chrono • One munitorium manual • One hot-shot lasgun with two charge backpacks • 4 frag grenades • One set of magnoculars • One sawn-off shotlas • One Zephyr Assault Walker w/Multi-laser & Zephyr Chainblade

Sergeant Bane is Omega Flight Zephyr’s ranking officer.

Triple Skull
- Awarded for surviving a theater in which the regiment took heavy casualties.
Medallion Crimson
- Awarded for continuing to fight the enemies of the Emperor after being critically wounded.
The Pillar of Obsidian
- Awarded for surviving a fully successful mission designated as Universitas Suicidium by High Command.
Clandestine Order of St. Meleum
- Awarded for slaying a Chaos Space Marine in martial combat.

Battle Scars

Lost the use of his left hand to the rending talons of a Hormagaunt. Replaced with a good craftsmanship bionic hand.
Lost the use of his leg to the blast of a terrorist’s shotgun.

Sergeant Roderick Bane

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