Medea Lenacri

A renegade psyker of Nurgle, Medea was killed in action by Omega Flight Zephyr.


Medea Lenacri’s face looks like it might have once been elegant, if not pretty, but is now a profile criss-crossed with pronounced veiny bulges. Wrinkled clusters of necrotic tissue obscure two sunken, bloodshot red eyes. Her musty purple robes appear to flake away shreds of fabric with each meager gesture, the unruly wafers drifting down to the curled toes of her oversized and calloused bare feet. The renegade psyker’s voice is high and lilting, despite her putrid greenish-brown teeth.


Medea was the Anointed of the Ritual of Sacrifice intended to draw Eleusis into the Warp. After being interrupted by Omega Flight Zephyr she was possessed by a Plaguebearer in the process of pushing her own powers too far. Her mortal shell was destroyed shortly thereafter.

Medea Lenacri

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