Magos Genyo

The technological specialist assigned to Omega Flight Zephyr to facilitate the retrieval of the Nexus Spire's research data.


Genyo is clothed in the iconic red robes of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the cloth wreathing a figure wrapped in turn by layers of steel cables and metal plates. The bulky lenses providing him vision radiate a glaring orange-red glow.


‘Lexmechanic’ Genyo was not at all who he appeared to be, turning out in actuality to be a Magos of high repute and phenomenal skill. As Lexmechanic, he was completely lacking in candor, a quality not uncommon among the more entrenched disciples of the Omnissiah. What he lacked in forthrightness he more than compensated with enthusiastic vigor, whether it be concerning the technology of the Zephyrs or musing about new technological applications against the Tyranids on the fly.

Killed in action by Subject Y-61629.JS at the Nexus Spire.

Magos Genyo

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