Lady Commissar Iyas Saxon

The undisputed final authority at Base Nevara 61.


Iyas has a slight frame and particularly dark skin, even for an Eleusian. A shallow burn mark on the right side of her face is paired with a light scar on the left. Wears the traditional peaked cap and great overcoat of the Commissariat, altered to suit her protective needs and bedecked with icons of faith and devotion to the Imperium. Favors High Gothic but speaks it with an uncharacteristically hard edge, nearly barking out the words when agitated.


Iyas Saxon combines the zealotry synonymous with her rank with a cunning that may very well surpass that furor. The Lady Commissar has taken it upon herself to give Omega Flight Zephyr as hard a time as possible, though she is as well-respected by them as she is the rest of the regiment. How much of this is unadulterated admiration as compared to abject fear is debatable.

Lady Commissar Iyas Saxon

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