Culinary Specialist Marcus Verdis

Belying his prickly countenance, Marcus directs the Mess Hall of Nevara 61 with precision, alacrity, and, though he'd never admit it, a little bit of love in every dish.


Head Culinary Specialist Marcus Verdis lords over his ratling cooks and their meal preparations with a single watchful eye and the light of an omnipresent lho stick. He is as physically built as any you have ever seen in this regiment and looks no stranger to fighting, but he handles his charges with a deceptively delicate hand.


Marcus is a good chef. His kitchen, primarily staffed with ratlings, elevates him to the level of a great chef. Now in possession of ingredients and implements that are worthy of both his skill and the valor of the Imperial Guard, he is able to concoct creations fit for nobility.

Culinary Specialist Marcus Verdis

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