Commissar Abhul Bin Zayek

Steadfast and stubborn, Abhul is a seasoned veteran of many years and frequent campaigns. But none could have prepared him for what awaits on Eleusis...


Still looking like a man in the prime of youth, Commissar Abhul Bin Zayek‘s skin is nevertheless heavily weathered by heat and a life in the military. Wears a suit of carapace armor under a thin brown cloak in conflict, and a Commissar’s Cap over an agal headdress. Burnt flesh on his left cheek gives him a slight sneer, baring teeth, scars not quite reaching his eyes which are cold and unwavering. Above the burns rests a cybernetic plinth for his artificial eye.

Wounds: 2/17
Fate Points: 2/2
Fatigue: 5
Total AP/TB: Light Carapace (AP All 5) TB 5

Weapon Skill 32
Ballistic Skill 42 •
Strength 26
Toughness 50 •
Agility 32 •
Intelligence 36
Perception 32
Willpower 47
Fellowship 46

Insanity: 0 – Stable
Corruption: 0 – Pure

Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Weapon Skill, Agility, Toughness, Perception, Willpower, Fellowship, Finesse, Leadership

Milestones: +5 Fel, +5 TB, +5 WP

Movement: 3/6/9/18

Skills: Athletics, Awareness, Command +20, Common Lore (Imperium, War) +10, Common Lore (Imperial Guard) +20, Dodge +10, Interrogation, Intimidate +10, Linguistics (High Gothic, Low Gothic) +10, Operate (Surface), Parry, Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed, Tactica Imperialis), Scrutiny, Survival

Talents: Air of Authority, Ambush, Deadeye Shot, Final Judgement, Galvanising Presence, Heroic Inspiration, Iron Jaw, Jaded, Resistance (Fear, Psychic), Sound Constitution (1), Storm of Iron, True Grit, Unshakable Faith, Weapon Training (Bolt, Chain, SP, Heavy)

Bring Down the Sky: Abhul gains a +10 bonus to hit aerial creatures or vehicles.

Skirmisher: When Abhul hits a Surprised or Unaware target as part of a Strike and Fade Mounted Special Action, he increases the distance his Mount can move after the attack by a number of meters equal to his Mount’s Agility Bonus.

Pride Over Life: Abhul must pass a Difficult (–10) Willpower Test to refuse any formal challenge or ignore any other major slight to their honor. If he succeeds on the Test, he sees the bigger picture and ignores the challenge or attempt to goad him into action. If he fails on the Test, however, he must engage the individual in question (either in a duel to settle matters in a formal and stylized fashion or simply in a brawl to express himself with his fists) or suffer a –10 penalty to Willpower Tests for the remainder of the session. This penalty is cumulative should they refuse multiple challenges to their dignity over the course of a single session. The Game Master can modify the difficulty of the Test—and the scale of the effects of failing it—as he deems appropriate to the situation.

Right-handed: Guess.

Inventory: • Good Craftsmanship Chainsword (Melee 1d10+4 R Pen 2, Tearing, Balanced), • Good Craftsmanship Bolt Pistol (Pistol 30m, S/2/- 1d10+5 X Pen 4 Clip 2/8 Rld Full Tearing), Commissar Uniform • One uniform • One set of poor weather gear • One laspistol (Main Weapon), and two charge packs • One knife • One light carapace • One flak vest • One rucksack or sling bag • One set of basic tools • One mess kit and one water canteen • One blanket and one sleep bag • One rechargeable lamp pack • One grooming kit • One set of cognomen tags or equivalent identification • One Uplifting Primer • Combat sustenance rations, two weeks’ supply • One gas mask • One parade kit • One chrono • One good craftsmanship bionic eye • 4 (1/8) spare clips of bolt rounds • Manacles • One vox-caster per squad • One grapnel & line per squad • One month’s supply of field rations •Two stun grenades• Three glow-globes per squad. • Autogun ( Basic 100m S/3/10 1d10+3 I 0 8/30 Full)

Triple Skull: Squad Bonus: +5 to all Dodge and Parry Tests
Medallion Crimson: (Squad Bonus: When the wearer of this medal takes Damage for the first time in a combat encounter, reduce that Damage by 1 to a minimum of 0
The Pillar of Obsidian: Squad Bonus: +5 to all Awareness and Survival Tests

XP: 6850/7700

Commissar Abhul Bin Zayek has been assigned to oversee the execution of Omega Flight Zephyr’s missions.

Served originally with the Kulanian 3rd Dragoon Regiment, recently transferred to the Eleusian 3rd Heavy Reconnaissance Regiment.

Battle Scars

Lost the use of his left eye to Hormagaunts. Replaced with a good craftsmanship bionic eye.
Suffered 1 Permanent Agility damage from ’gaunt-inflicted wound to the leg on-board convoy.


Medallion Crimson
- Awarded for continuing to fight the enemies of the Emperor after being critically wounded.
The Pillar of Obsidian
- Awarded for surviving a fully successful mission designated as Universitas Suicidium by High Command.
Clandestine Order of St. Meleum
- Awarded for slaying a Chaos Space Marine in martial combat.

Commissar Abhul Bin Zayek

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